SMOOTH JAWS / by Mating Ritual

After starting two different bands signed to major labels, seeing how they (labels) operate frustrated me and inspired me to find a new way of thinking with Mating Ritual. This isn’t an indictment of major labels as they have done as much good for musicians as they have detriment, but a realization that their formula doesn’t align with my goals as an artist. Music is real to me, and the moment you bring someone else on board you are banking that they have similar values/tastes as you, and aren’t relying on some arbitrary analytic to inform this. I’m far from the only person with this opinion, so along with some like minded friends, I’ve decided to create my own musical family and release a record on a label where we call the shots, where we can make things up on the go and can fully execute our artistic vision in every way. This is music made by friends, for our friends.

With that said, I’m extremely proud to announce that Mating Ritual’s full debut album, “How You Gonna Stop It?”, will be released via my own label Smooth Jaws on May 19, 2017. 

“How You Gonna Stop It” is about transition. The transition from child to adult. From dependent to independent. From unemployed to employed. From committed to single. The more I’ve grown as a person the less I definitively know about who I’m supposed to be, and where I’m supposed to go. I’m finding myself repeating the mistakes of my parents despite my fervent intention not to. This album was recorded over nearly three years, and when I looked back at the first song written for it (chronologically), I realized I’m asking an almost identical question as the song I wrote three weeks ago: Why am I constantly blowing up my life and starting over instead of facing my problems head on. I’m no better off than I was 3, 5, 7 years ago. I don’t think I’ve really figured out how to break the cycle with these songs, but I have found comfort in knowing that even if I never come out the other side, I’ll be alright.


You can preorder and stream all Vol. 1 tracks now (plus remastered versions of I Wear Glasses and Cold) HERE 

((Vinyl Preorder coming next week!))

Thanks for listening. It’s all happening.