How You Gonna Stop It? / by Mating Ritual

This past Friday, I released the first of what I hope will be many Mating Ritual albums. Normally I'd use an event like this to write a very long piece reflecting on why and how I've come to where I am in my musical life, but today, I'm going to keep the introspection to a minimum. 

Instead, I'd like just to thank everyone who's been a part of this journey with me. I'm forever grateful to the wonderful and supportive people in my life. There's no way I'd still be making music if it weren't for you (I've threatened time and time again to get a less stressful profession). 

In no specific order, this record would not exist without Taylor Lawhon, Lizzy Land, Rob Humphries, Alex Lopez, Jason Suwito, Will Walden, Billy Pavone, Bryce Carr, Drew Simmons, Kasey Truman, Rachel Jacobson, Chris Zane, Dan Nigro, Gene Grimaldi, Joe Lambert, Nik Ewing, Ethan Kaufman, Garret English, Britt Witt, Morrissey, my cat Rooney, and, at risk the risk of drowning in cheese, last and not least my mom (who is responsible for taking the brunt of my quitting threats).

I'm so proud of this record. What started as a cathartic way to express my cynicisms and self consciousness became a snapshot of perhaps the best 3 year period of my life. While it may not always sound like it in my songs, I love my life and am so thankful to everyone that's helped Mating Ritual exist in a harsh, unforgiving musical world.

Thank you.